City : Bangalore
Location : South India
Language : Kannad, English, Tamil, Telgu, And Hindi.

About Bangalore

Bangalore, the garden city, was instituted by Kempe Gowda who was a local ruler in the year 1537. Bangalore is the capital of Karnataka state. It is situated in the south-eastern part on the Deccan Plateau. The city once known as pensioner’s paradise because of its pleasing climate, has become the software industrial hub now.

Kempe Gowda I built a mud fort and it was established as the Vijayanagara Empire. During the British rule, Bangalore was the center for colonial rule of the South India.

Bangalore was ruled by the Western Gangas for centuries. The state was captured by the Cholas in 1024 and latter on passed to the Chalukya-Cholas. Then the Hoysala Empire took over Bangalore in 1116 by overthrowing the Cholas.

As Bangalore is at a higher elevation, the climate is healthy and pleasant throughout the year. But during summers it gets heat waves which makes it slightly uncomfortable. The coolest month is January and the hottest is April. The northeast and southwest monsoons bring rains to the city.

Bangalore is also home to the film industry of Kannada. Nearly 80 films are produced in a year. The state is also a centre for Indian classical music and dance.


Bangalore Aquarium
The Bangalore Aquarium is a diamond shaped building and was opened in 1973. It is situated in Cubbon Park on Kasturba Road. The Bangalore Aquarium is the second largest aquarium in India. The aquarium houses an assortment of alien cultivable fish. It also has ornamental fish.

The Aquarium is open to visitors from 10 am to 7.30 pm on all days except Thursdays.

Bangalore Palace
The Bangalore Palace was built in 1887 by Chamaraja Wodeyar depicting the Tudor-style. Windsor Castle was the brainchild, behind the construction of this Palace. The construction has fortified towers and its interiors are elegant carved of wood. The palace is complete with Gothic windows, battlements and turrets.

The entrance fee for Indian adult citizen is Rs 100/- and for children Rs 50/-. Foreign adult tourists are charged Rs 200/- and Rs 100/- is charged for children. Video recording charge is Rs 1000/- and photography charge is Rs 500/-. The visiting hours are 10 am to 6 pm on all days except Sunday which is a holiday.

Bannerghatta National Park
The Bannerghatta National Park is situated 22 km away from the city. A variety of fauna in the picturesque surroundings of the park can be seen. Crocodiles, picnic corner, pets corner and serpentarium with lion’s safari are among the many attractions in the park.

Bull Temple
The Bull Temple is one of the oldest temples in Bangalore. It is located in Basavanagudi. The temple is dedicated to Nandi, the bull, which is the mount of Lord Shiva.

Nandi, the awesome monolithic deity of the Bull Temple, attracts visitors, tourists and devotees from all parts of the country and outside the country also. The statute is 4.5 metres tall and six meters long and is carved out of a single granite rock. The statute is older than the temple in which it is housed.

There is no entrance fee for the temple and the daily timings are from 6 am to 8 pm.

Chunchi Falls
The city bursts in natural grandeur, and that is evident in the showers of the colorful Chunchi Falls. The falls is settled 90 km away from Bangalore city. It is 16 km before the Sangama and is near to the old world Yelagiri village.

Commercial Street
Commercial Street in Bangalore is one of the main shopping complexes in India. The whole of the street is lit by a covering of lights that are threaded from lamppost to lamppost. The energy of the people shopping here is high and one can get a good sense of the chaos that is prevalent there.

Cubbon Park
In 300 acres of abundant serenity lies the Cubbon Park. It was laid out by Lord Cubbon who was the viceroy of India in the year 1864. The park, in the present days, is a haven of Green foliage, in the center of modern Bangalore.

Dodda Ganapathi Temple
The Dodda Ganesha Temple is located on the Bull Temple Road in Basavanagudi. It was built by Dempegowda I. Once while he was strolling, he came across several rocks and one of the boulders had a figure of Ganesha engraved on them. He ordered his sculptors to convert the figure into a huge and fantastic single stone idol of Lord Ganesha.

Fun World
Situated at the Palace Ground in Bangalore is the Fun World which is a famous amusement park. The park is spread over an area of 12 acres. The Fun World is an ideal destination for kids.

The park remains open from 11 am to 9.30 pm on all days.

Gavi Gangadeshwara Cave Temple
The Gavi Gangadeshwara Cave Temple is an unusual cave temple. It was built by Kempe Gowda. The temple is situated near Basavanagudi. It is well known for its architecture.

High Court (Attara Kacheri)
Karnataka High Court located in Bangalore is also known as Attara Kacheri, literal meaning being eighteen offices. The High Court is situated opposite to the Vidhana Soudha in Cubbon Park. The High Court was instituted in the year 1884 under the Mysore High Court Act. Till the year 1973 it was known as the Mysore High Court.

The Temple is a dainty blend of modern technology and spiritual harmony with a unique combination of glass and gopurams. It is built on a hillock. The surroundings are beautiful. This temple was built to promote vedic culture and spiritual learning.

Jawahar Lal Nehru Planetarium
The Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium was built in the year 1989. The planetarium presents the visitors an opportunity to unscramble the myths of outer space.

There are two shows everyday. The timings of the show are 3 pm and 4.30 pm.

Lal Bagh
The Lal Bagh is one of India’s most beautiful botanical gardens. Hyder Ali set out the garden and his son is supposed to have added horticultural wealth to the garden. He imported several plants and trees from different courtiers.

The garden has about 1000 species of rare plants and herbs. The park is constructed in about 2400 acres. There is a glass house depicting London’s Crystal Palace and this is the main center of attraction. The garden is well protected with stone walls which act as enclosures. It has four approach gates.

The garden remains open from 6 am to 7 pm throughout the year.

Lumbini Gardens
Lumbini Gardens is situated on the Outer Ring Road. It is located on the banks of the Nagawara Lake.

Lumbini Gardens is a wave pool with an artificial beach. Visitors without any age restrictions are allowed inside the gardens. The pool provides the best and safest form of entertainment. It also has a children’s pool. The pool is situated in an area of 12,500 square feet.

Maha Bodhi Society Temple
The Maha Bodhi Society Temple is a comparatively new social system. The main shrine is built as a reproduction of the historical stupa at Bodh Gaya.

The grounds of the temple are very peaceful. Visitors usually take a stroll around the temple before leaving. The temple also has a library with books on Buuddhism.

Pearl Valley (Muthyala Maduvu
Muthyala Maduvu which means pearl valley is a picnic spot with a captivating waterfall. The attraction of the spot is the waterfalls which is formed by thin jets of water which gushes down from a height of 90 meters. The jets of water form a pond giving it the notion of pearls.

Tipu Sultan's Palace
Tipu Sultan's Palace is located very close to the fort. It is now converted to a museum. The building of the palace was started by Hyder Ali and it was completed by Tipu Sultan. The construction of the Palace was completed in the year 1791 and it took ten years to plan and construct the palace.

Vidhan Soudha
Vidhana Soudha is a noble building built exclusively of dressed Bangalore granite. It is a testimonial to temple architecture. The building is Bangalore’s best known landmark. It is 46 meter high.

Vidhana Soudha is one of Bangalore’s important buildings. The building is constructed entirely on the Indian style of architecture. All the four corners have four domes. The main entranceway is eclipsed by the four headed lion. The lion is the symbolic representation of Indian sovereignty.

Venkatappa Art Gallery and Government Museum
The Venkatappa Art Gallery is situated in the Karnataka Government Museum. It exhibits some of the rich art of Bangalore. The Art Gallery is comprised of two floors and displays 600 paintings.