City : Bareilly
Location : North India
Language : Hindi

Know About Bareilly

Bareilly is a metro city in Bareilly district in the northern Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. Standing on the Ramganga river, it is the capital of Rohilkhand Division and is a center for the manufacture of furniture and for trade in cotton, grain, and sugar. The city's population in 2001 was 699,839. Geographically it forms the outer gateway to enter Uttarakhand State. Bareilly is the 4th city of Uttar Pradesh which has CNG fuel stations, after Lucknow, Kanpur and Agra. Bareilly is the 7th largest metropolitan city of Uttar Pradesh and 50th largest metropolitan city of India.

This fast-growing city is also known as Bans-Bareilly, due to its big bamboo market. Bareilly is also known as the counter-magnet city because it is equidistant from New Delhi and Lucknow and has a lot of potential for setting up industries to attract people to settle. Historically it was the part of the ancient kingdom of Panchal. In the Medieval period it was under the Rohillas. The modern city's foundation was laid by Mukrand Rai in 1657.


Climate And Geography

Bareilly is located at 28°10'N, 78°23'E, and lies in northern India. It borders Shahjahanpur on East and Rampur on west, Udham Singh Nagar(Uttarakhand) in North and Badaun in South. Bareilly lies entirely in the Gangetic plains. The low-lying Gangetic plains provide fertile alluvial soil suitable for agriculture. However, these some lower part of plains are prone to recurrent floods. Bareilly lies on the bank of river Ramganga and there are seven rivers passing through this district. The lower Himalayan range is just 100 km from it and it lies in north of it. Bareilly has a semi-arid climate with high variation between summer and winter temperatures. Summers are long, from early April to October, with the monsoon season in between. Winter starts in October and peaks in January and is notorious for its heavy fog.Extreme temperatures range from 4°C to 47 °C. The annual mean temperature is 25 °C (77 °F); monthly mean temperatures range from 14 °C to 33 °C (58 °F to 92 °F). The average annual rainfall is approximately 714 mm (28.1 inches), most of which is during the monsoons in July and August.The average date of the advent of monsoon winds in Bareilly is 25 June.


Parsakhera is the industrial area of Bareilly. Saraswati Camphor Factory, one of Asia's biggest camphor manufacturing factory, is also located here[citation needed]. WIMCO Factory which is popular for making the match boxes is also located in bareilly. IFFCO Factory is located in Aonla constituency of Bareilly District. Previous to its closure, a Rubber producing factory (Officially known as Synthetics & Chemicals), owned by Killachad Group, was one of the largest chemical factories of Asia[citation needed]. Bareilly is also a trade hub for Kumaon region of Uttarakhand.


Bareilly is the medical hub of Rohilkhand and Kumaon Region of Uttarakhand. The city has several hospitals. Major hospitals include Clara Saran Hospital , Swain Hospital, K.K Hospital, Sheel Hospital, Ganga Charan Hospital. Bareilly also has 2 medical colleges, Shree Ram Murti & Rohilkhand.

Educational Institutions

Bareilly is a major educational center of Western Uttar Pradesh. It has several educational institutions such as: M. J. P. Rohilkhand University, Bareilly College & Research Centers like IVRI. Other institutions include RBMI, Shri Rammurti College of Eng and Tech, Shri Rammurti College of Medical Sciences, Invertis Institute of Eng & Tech and SILVER Law College.

Hartmann College is one of the leading schools of Bareilly and also among the renowned schools of Uttar Pradesh[citation needed]. Other prominent schools include BBL Public School, Bishop Conrad School, St Maria Gorretti, Girish Prasad Memorial College(GPM College) and St. Francis.

Indian Veterinary Research Institute is one the Asia's finest University in Veterinary Sciences located in Izzatnagar, Bareilly. Central avian research institute (CARI) is also located in IVRI and is considered to be a pioneering institute[citation needed].[1] Bareilly is famous for its furniture made of Delbergia sisso and also for Surma for eyes.


Defense Installations

Bareilly has a major settlement of the Indian Army's regimental headquarter of Jat Regimet, as well as an air-base (known as Trishul) of the Indian Air Force. The Trishul air-base had foxbats aircraft which were capable of flying up to 80,000 feet [4]. Bareilly has regional Headquarters of ITBP and BSF.

Religious Places in Bareilly

Dargah of Ala'Hazrat Imam Ahmed Reza Khan in Bareilly, India.

Bareilly is World Famous for the Dargah of Ahle Sunnat Scholar Imam Ahmed Reza Khan (1856-1921 A.D.). His sisila is Known as Razwi Silsila of Sufism. Bareilly is also home to a number of famous hindu temples. It has four Nath (Shiva) temples at its four corners, Alakhnath, Tiberinath, Madhinath, and Dhopeshwarnath. One of the well known temples is the Chunne Miyan's Lakshmi Narayan Mandir (located in Katra Manrya street near Bara Bazar), Chunne Miyan's Lakshmi Narayan Mandir Its origin goes back to the time when the Hindus Migrating from Pakistan to India at the time of partition in 1947, came to Bareilly.

Dhopeshwar Nath Temple, Cantonment
Alak Nath Temple, Nainital Road
Teebrinath Temple, BDA Colony
Chunna Miyan Jii ka Mandir, Bara Bazar
Pashupati Nath Temple, University Road
Freewill Baptist Church, Cantonment
Church of North India, Cantonment
Bhagwaan Mahaveer Temple, Rampur Garden
Bada Gurudwara, Model Town
Dargah-e-Ala Hazrat, Beharipur


Army Service Corps. Museum, Cantonment
Panchala Museum, University Campus

Places of Historical Importance
Ramnagar Fort, 25 km Aonla
Teerthankar Temple, Ramnagar 25 km Aonla

Shopping Streets
Church Road -- Patel Chowk -- Novelty : This corridor consists of Bareilly's famous Butler Plaza, Mission Market, Electronics Market and nearly 80 percent of organised lifestyle accessories zones of Bareilly. The oldest and the best market of Bareilly.

Shyam Ganj Bazar -- Kutub Khana -- Bara Bazar -- Sarrafa Bazar : This corridor is dedicated to old Bareilly area and is a major and oldest commercial establishment of Bareilly, from needle to Jewellery, from Saree(Arya Samaj Gali) to Furniture everything is here..


Gardens And Greens

Children's Park, Cantonment
Phool Bagh, Cantonment
Company Garden, Civil Lines
C L Park, Rajendra Nagar
Mayur Van Chetna Kendra, University Road

Amusement Parks

Fun City, University Road
Boond Water Park, University Road


Cinema Halls & Concert Centers

Prabha Cinema, Civil Lines
Natraj Cinema, Cantonment
Imperial Cinema, Civil Lines
Jagat Cinema, Bara Bazar
Kamal Talkies, Civil Lines
Sanjay Gandhi Community Center, Civil Lines
IMA Hall, Civil Line

Famous Products

Bareilly is renowned for Kites and Manjha (kite string laced with glass).
Bareilly is famous for Surma (eye liner).
The Zari-Zardozi handicraft work is also notable.
Bareilly is also known for Cane & Bamboo Furniture.