City : Bhilainagar
Location : Central India
Language : Chattisgarhi, Hindi

Know About Bhilai

Bhilai is the second-largest city in Chhattisgarh, India with a population of 553,837 (2001 census}. The city is located 22 km west of the capital Raipur on the Howrah-Mumbai rail line, and National Highway 6.

The town is famous for the Bhilai Steel Plant, one of the largest integrated steal plant in the world.

Bhilai has a unique cultural blend which has earned it the reparation of being a 'Mini India'. Bhilai is a lush green planned township spread over 13,392 acres of land. The township is divided into self contained 11 sectors, each with parks, clubs, markets, and community and health centre of its own.

Bhilai has a number of places of attraction in and around the township. Noteworthy amongst them is Maitri Bagh. The Bagh is maintained by the Bhilai Steel Plant Management with all the facilities of playing for children apart from a comprehensive, one of the best Zoos of Central India with white tigers as special attraction, many birds, animals and reptiles, an artificial lake for boating, Pragati Minar which gives a panoramic view of Bhilai and it boasts of one of the biggest Musical Fountains of south East Asia which has been attracting people form all over the region. Musical Fountain is a marvelous fountain that is being maintained by the management of Bhilai Steel Plant at Maitri Bag. The Fountain comprises of many fountains of water dancing on the tune of music.

The show is organised in the evening on alternate days. The viewers view the fountain with an astonishing eye. The programme remains for 20 minutes and 2 shows are organised. Every year a Flower show is organised in the Bag during which many kind of unbelievable sized flowers and vegetables are displayed which are brought from various part of the district.



The steel plant township – which is the dominant populated area – is basically an artificially created area of domicile. And the people who have made this their home have come from all parts of the country. This merging of peoples from all over of India has created its own cosmopolitan culture. And since this is also predominantly a town of educated technocrats, has given rise to a culture of meritocracy and value for education.

The people of Bhilai also have a great tendency towards adopting new trends and life styles. Bhilai thus is multicultural for people from all over the world who have come and settled in this region. Bhilai's people are also known for their simplicity, kindheartedness and adaptability. And this is the actual culture of Bhilai.


It is famous for Iron & Steel Plant. It is the only steel city of Chhattisgarh State. It is famous for technical tourism. Visitor passes are issued by the P.R.O. Department. The main places in the Steel Plant are: Coke oven battery, Blast furnace, Rail & Structure Mill, Plate Mill, Wire Rod Mill etc. The Main movie th it attracts large crowds. It is also famous for its Zoo. Various types of Indian & Foreign animals & birds are kept in this zoo. The zoo also consists lake, toy train and many more.

It is situated about 3 km. from Bhilai & is famous for Oldest Shiv Mandir.

It is 60 km. away from the district of Durg. It is famous for Dam on the river Tandula. It is an exciting picnic spot. One can stay here in the rest house of irrigation department.

It is situated on the Durg-Bemetara road 35 km. from the district of Durg. It is famous for Prachin Kila (Oldest Palace) & Mandir. Lodge & hotel facility are there for the staying of tourist.

It is situated at 58 km.from the district of Durg. It is famous for Prachin Kila (Oldest Palace), Mandir (Temples) & Sati Chabutra.

It is around 20 km. (80 K.m from Durg city) from balod (Must See Place). This place is famous for Sita Maiya's temple, situated in the heart of greenery of natural jungle. You can find a natural and very beautiful waterfall between (July- Feb).

It is situated at 2 km. from the district of Durg. It is famous for Jain Temples & Pasharwanath Tirth.

It is 95 km. away from the district of Durg by road. It is famous for Dam on the river Kharkhara. The total length of the dam is 1128 m.

Hajra Falls
It is 100 km from Bhilai, crossing Dongargarh near Darekasa Railway station in Howrah Mumbai rail route. Situated amongst dense forests, hills and tunnels, this spectacular 150 feet high falls is a visual delight for tourists. Place to

The Forest bungalow.