Charkhi Dadri

City : Charkhi Dadri
Location : North India
Language : Hindi

Know About Charkhi Dadri

Charkhi Dadri is a small town in Bhiwani District, Haryana. This ancient town, founded by the son of Prithviraj Chauhan, is the hub of commercial activity in the district. Charkhi Dadri is around 35 km south of Bhiwani.

Excursions in the vicinity include the Star monument, Naurangabad Mound and the shrines in Bhiwani, Birbal Ka Chhatta and the Mausoleum of Ibrahim Khan in Mahendragarh and the monuments in Rewari.

Nearest airport is at New Delhi. Charkhi Dadri Railway Station is on the Rewari-Bhiwani line.


Dada Bilhan Singh came to Dadri area in 1384 AD (vikram samwat 1441). He was from Jat Phogat clan of Sanjarwas village and married in a Rajput family of nearby Sanwad village.In later medieval periods, the area came under the sway of Jat kings and in one instance Rani Samakaur daughter of Chaudhary Jawaharsingh was married to Maharaja Jind . The area continued to be ruled by the the Maharaja of Jind till its merger with other territories under Independent India.

Dadri was a lake called Dadar. It is said that one day Dada Bilhansingh came to this area and saw a cow and lion drinking water side by side. One Mahatma Swami Dayal was also there in his Ashram. Bilhansingh asked for Mahatma's blessings and advice. Mahatma advised him to Make this place his home and blessed that his family will rule this place in future. According to a legend he took oath under a Fog or Fig tree and he was called Phogat from that day.

Second most famous clan is of Maratha warriors, who came to this small town in late seventeenth century. Marathas after their defeat in third war of Panipat opted to settle out in nearby areas than to return back to Maharashtra. The clan opted to settle in Dadri was of one of eight disciples (Asht Pradhan) of Shri Shiva Ji Maharaj. These are Vats and Nagwan Marathas, Brahmans by caste, who live in 'Pradhano Ka Mohalla' and 'Chotti Bazaari'.

The famous lake Talab Shyamesar and Dayal Temple are still there today.


Charkhi Dadri is a big education centre for all the near by villages.In the town, there is one MBA college,One B.Ed. college and one BAMS college besides having one Co-educational graduation college and one girl's graduation college.Following are the main education institutions in town:

JVMGRR PG College.
Appejay Saraswati girl's college.
Government Senior Secondary School.
Vaish Senior Secondary School.
D.R.K. Adarsh Vidya Mandir.