City : Chikmagalur
Location : Southern India
Language : Kannad

Know About Chikmagalur

Nestled at 3,400ft in the Sahyadri mountains of the Western Ghats, Chikmagalur is situated in the south-western part of Karnataka. Barely 250km from state capital Bangalore, it lies at the foothills of the Baba Budan range and offers an ideal getaway for those looking at a quiet weekend. Typical of Ghat topography, the town offers unending vistas of mountains, streams, and coffee and pepper plantations. A number of rivers, such as Bhadra, Hemavathi, Tunga, Netravathi and Vedavathi, originate in the hills surrounding the town. Chikmagalur today serves as the headquarters of a district by the same name. It was here that coffee was first cultivated in India in 1670 by Baba Budan, a Muslim saint who brought coffee seeds from Yemen, and after whom the mountain range to the north of the town is named. Later taken up by European planters, coffee production and trade has since been Chikmagalur's mainstay.



Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary (Muthodi)
38 kms northwest, this sanctuary is a must-see for wildlife enthusiasts. Gaur, Chital, Sambar, Elephants and Tigers are some of the wildlife found here.

55 kms north of Chikmagalur, this is a scenic hill station, situated on the Baba Budan range at a height of 1,434 m. 8 kms from Kemmanagundi are the Hebbe Falls where the water gushes down from a height of 168 m in two stages. The Kalhatti Falls are 10 kms from Kemmanagundi. The water here cascades down a height of 122 m. There is also a local temple here, constructed in a gap between rocks.

Kemmanagundi Hill Station

95 kms southwest of Chikmagalur is the secluded hill station of Kudremukh. Situated 1894 m above sea level, the Kudremukh hills overlook the Arabian Sea and are chained to one another with deep valleys and steep precipices. There is rich flora and fauna here, waiting to be discovered. Caves asking to be explored. Ruins and traces of old civilizations inviting a study. Lovely, unspoiled places to camp. Can any trekker resist Kudremukh? This place is also rich in iron-ore deposits.

About 10 kms form Tarikere, this little town has a 800-year-old temple dedicated to Amrutheswara. Sringeri
Sringeri is a pilgrim center, known for its Vidyashankara Temple. It has 12 zodiac pillars on each of which the sun's rays fall according to the time of the year.



Chikmagalur is connected by road and rail to Bangalore, Hassan and Mangalore. The nearest airport is Mangalore (170 kms).