City : Chiplun
Location : Western India
Language : Hindi, Marathi

Know About Chiplun

An ancient town on the banks of the Vashishthi River, Chiplun is one of the few towns that features on the tourism map of the Konkan region. Well connected by Konkan Railway, Chiplun lies in a valley between the Western Ghats on one side and the Arabian Sea on the other, and is the link between the western coast and the interiors of Maharashtra. Considered an important industrial centre in the Konkan region, the town is a popular lunch-stop for those driving from Mumbai to Goa. As a standalone destination, it is ideal for a weekend getaway and is increasingly being sought by those looking for a quiet sojourn. Chiplun means "the abode of Lord Parshuram".



The city has its own drama theatre Indira Gandhi Sanskrutik Kendra, and a stadium for sports is being constructed. A municipal council looks after the civic needs of the city. United English school and D.B.J. College are the oldest education institute in the city catering the need for the taluka.

There are a couple of English-medium schools in Chiplun most notably L.M.B.School & Christ Jyoti Convent School. It also has an engineering college: Rajaram Shinde College of Engineering affiliated to the University of Mumbai, which is located a few kilometres outside the city. Since the city is on a busy National Highway, it also caters to travellers en route to Goa and Mumbai. It is also a junction for those travelling to the Enron (Dhabol) Power Project. The city links the western coast to the interior parts of Maharashtra, one of the few places in that region.



Chiplun is located at [show location on an interactive map] 17.53° N 73.52° E.[1] It has an average elevation of 7 metres (22 feet).

The city lies on the banks of the River Vashishti. To the east of the city lies the Western Ghats and to the west lies Guhagar. The region is hilly and the city is situated in a valley. The region has tropical climate, very hot in summer and very wet. Summer days are extremely hot (above 38 °C). The rainy season — the monsoons last from June until October.


Chiplun situated on the Mumbai-Goa highway is an ancient city on the banks of Vashisthi river. You can stay in Chiplun and visit the nearby places. A lot of people take a stopover here for lunch while going to or coming from Goa. You can visit the Vindhyavasini and Karanjeshwari Temples here.

Shri Kshetra Parshuram
According to Hindu mythology Shri Parshuram was the sixth incarnation of lord Vishnu, and he created Konkan by driving back the sea with his arrow. The specialty of this temple of parshuram is that it was first built by Adilshah and later after 300 years renovated by the siddhi's of janjira. it is located at roughly 2 kms. from the Mumbai-Goa highway near Chiplun.


Guhagar located at 42 Kms. from Chiplun is a typical Konkani town with a beautiful clean Beach where a lot of people come in the evenings to see the sunset. There is an ancient Shiv temple of Vyadeshwar here, Guhagar is a small place and people who want a quiet peaceful holiday prefer coming to guhagar. There are quiet a few other temples in guhagar like Ufrata Ganpati Mandir to visit.

Shri Vyadeshwar Temple - Guhagar
Shri Vyadeshwar is an ancient temple of Shankar and Vyadeshwar is the 'Kuldevata' of many Chitpawan Brahmin families. The temple is very beautiful and a lot of people visit Guhagar to visit the temple.

Velneshwar Temple and Beach
Located at 16 Kms. from Guhagar, Velneshwar has a beautiful beach and an Ancient Shankar Temple. The Temple complex has three four different temples and the secluded beach behind the temple is very beautiful and clean.

Hedvi Ganpati temple and Beach
Located at 18 Kms. from Guhagar, Hedvi is famous for its Ganpati Temple, the Ganpati Idol here is in marble and very beautiful, the ancient temple was renovated by the efforts of a local person by the name of Joglekar. the beach at hedvi is also very beautiful. Near the beach there is a place locally known as 'Baman Ghal', at this place the rocks are cut by the sea water and a george has formed. at the time of High tide the water gushes through the gorge (Ghal) and a water column rises to a height of up to 100 feet in the air.

Enron Company Power Plant
The Enron Company plant is located at Veldur near Guhagar, You can see the plant from the outside as the plant is current shut down, the hugeness of the plant will surprise you and it worth seeing it from around, also you can proceed further to Anjanvel from here.

Gopalgad Fort - Anjanvel
Anjanwel is a small town near Enron Company Plant at Veldur. Gopalgad Fort at anjanwel is one of the picturesque forts in Konkan. It is a coastal fort, half of which is on a hill and the other half touches the sea. You can drive up to the fort walls, but care should be taken while driving as it has very steep climbs. Roaming through the remnants of the fort is a nostalgic experience which you will definitely like.


Boat rides on the Vashishthi River and treks in the hills surrounding Chiplun and to the Gowalkot Fort are popular. Other than that, wander around Chiplun local market or see caves near the town. The Konkan region is rich in a variety of local fruit, so sample the Alfonso mango. Try out the local Konkani cuisine, such as fresh water fish with rice.


How To Reach

By Air
Nearest airport is Ratnagiri.
By Rail
Konkan Railway stops at Chiplun.
By Road
Mumbai-Panvel-Pen-Chiplun / Guhagar. Chiplun to Guhagar 45 Kms.
Pune-Wai-Satara-Umbraj-Patan-Chiplun / Guhagar.

Public Transport
Rickshaws and ST Buses are available as means of transport to the nearby places but It is better if you have your own vehicles as it is easier to go to the nearby places like Velneshwar, Hedvi, Enron Gopalgad and Dervan.