City : Cuddapah
Location : South India
Language : Telugu, Urdu

Know About Cuddapah

is a city in Andhra Pradesh, India, the headquarters of Kadapa District.
The city's name originated from the Telugu word "Gadapa" meaning 'Threshold' or 'Gate'. It was previously spelt "Cuddapah" but was changed to "Kadapa" effectively from 19 August 2005 to reflect the local pronunciation of the name.

Kadapa is the headquarters of Rayalaseema region, AP. Kadapa (formerly spelt Cuddapah) city is situated in the south-central part of the Andhra Pradesh State. Located 8 km south of the Penna River, the city is surrounded on three sides by the Nallamala and Palakonda hills. The name 'Kadapa' is derived from the Telugu word 'Gadapa' ("threshold"). The city is named "Threshold" because it is the gateway from the north to the sacred hill-'Pagoda' of Shri Venkateshvara (also spelt as Venkateswara) of Tirupati.

Kishkindakanda, one of the 7 kandas of the Ramayanam is believed to have happened in Vontimitta, Kadapa. Vontimitta is 20Km from the city.

Also the Ajaneya swamy Gandi, reminds the Ramayanam. It is believed that Anjaneya swamy vigraham in Gandi is made by Sri Rama on a hill stone with his arrow's point as the thanks to Anjaneya for helping him in finding Sri Sita Devi.


Kadapa city was a part of the Chola Empire and Kakatiya empire from the 11th to 14th century. It became part of Vijayanagar empire in the latter part of 14th century. The region was under the control of Gandikota Nayaks, governors of Vijayanagar for two centuries. The most illustrious ruler was Pemmasani Thimma Nayudu (1422 CE) who developed the region and constructed many tanks and temples. Muslims of Golkonda conquered the region in 1565 CE when Mir Jumla raided Gandikota fort and defeated Chinna Thimma Nayudu. Later the British took control of Kadapa in 1800 CE. Although the town is an ancient one, it was probably extended by Neknam Khan, the Qutb Shahi commander, who called the extension "Neknamabad".

The name "Neknamabad" was used for the town for some time but slowly fell into disuse and the records of the 18th century refer to the rulers not as Nawabs of Nekanamabad but nawabs of Kadapa. Except for some years in the beginning, Kadapa was the seat of the Mayana Nawabs in the 18th century. With the British occupation of the tract in 1800 CE it became the headquarters of one of the four subordinate collectors under the principal collector by name Major Munro. Relics of the rule of the Kadapa Nawabs are found in the town. Most prominent among these are two towers and the dargahs. Astahana of MaghdoomuIlahi, Shahmiria are the big shrines in the region of Rayalaseema. The town also has three churches and numerous temples.



Cuddapah is located at [show location on an interactive map] 14.47° N 78.82° E.[3] It has an average elevation of 138 metres (452 feet). The District Of Cuddapah has an area of 8723 sq. m. It is in shape an irregular parallelogram, divided into two nearly equal parts by the range of the Eastern Ghats, which intersects it throughout its entire length. The two tracts thus formed possess totally different features.

The first, which constitutes the north, east and south-east of the district, is a low-lying plain; while the other, which comprises the southern and southwestern portion, forms a high table-land from 1500 to 2,500 ft (760 m). above sea-level. The chief river is the Pennar, which enters the district from Bellary on the west, and flows eastwards into Nellore. Though a large and broad river, and in the rains containing a great volume of water, in the hot weather months it dwindles down to an inconsiderable stream. Its principal tributaries are the Kundaur, Saglair, Cheyair and Papagni rivers.



Ankalamma Gudur
Ankalamma Gudur This is the place where Ankalamma swamy temple is located. It is a great holy place for the devotees all over the district. The temple lies on the Pulivenlda - Simhadripuram main road 14 km from Pulivendla. The Ankalamma Tirunala will take place every year. Ankalamma devotees visit the temple every Thursday and Sunday on big numbers.

Pushpa Giri temple
Pushpa Giri temple located on the banks of river pennar is the oldest one located near to kadapa town.

Alladu Palle Sri Veera Bhadra swamy temple
Alladu Palle Sri Veera Bhadra swamy temple at Alladupalle in chapadu mandal is a great holy place for the devotees all over the district. the temple lies on the mydukur- proddatur main road 6 km from mydukur on the banks of kundu river. The tirunala will take place every year on mahashiva raatri. Devotees visit the temple everyday on big numbers.

Ontimitta This is the place where the Kishkindakanda, one of the 18 parvas of Ramayanam happened. Kodanda Rama Swami temple is there. French traveler Tavernier described it as one of the most beautiful temples in India. The Sanctum Sanctorum and annex structures were built in a vast area. The temple is very high. The canopy is built with 32 pillars. It is called Madhya Ranga Mandapam. Tavernier visited this place in 1652 A.D. and he was astonished at the freedom the people there enjoyed. The archaeological department is renovating it.

Gandikota Or The Gorge Fort It is situated about 6 miles (10 km) to the west of Jammalamadugu in Kadapa district. The width within the fort is at its broadest, about five and a half furlongs from west to east and almost a mile from northwest to southeast.

Devuni Kadapa
Devuni Kadapa This is the place near Kadapa city , where people believe that before setting up a journey to holy place of Sri Venkateswarlu i.e "Seven Hills, they should come visit this place and set course the journey. Even people say that the name of the Kadapa is derived from this place as Devuni GADAPA means door frame.

Bramham Gaari Matham
Bramham Gaari Matham This is the birthplace of the writer of the future who had foreseen a large number of happenings in the present day. He foresaw these during the 14th century and had been a victim of nawab's wrath. Sri Veerabramhendra Swamy is very famous all over Andhra Pradesh that he could be considered as a contemporary of Nostradamus.[5]

This is the place where siddaguru swamy ( Disciple of Bramham garu) temple is located nearby just 0.25 kilometers. One of the prominent place in andhra pradesh, where one can see advanced culture and the inherent beauty of our great Indian ethics.

Vempalli Gandi
This is the place where God Sri Rama on his way to Ayodya from Lanka stayed for one night to take rest. For conveying thanks to Sri Hanuman for his help in getting Sri Sita devi, God Sri Rama made Hanuman statue on a hill stone with the point of his arrow. which you can still see here.

Tallapaka is a village in Rajampet mandal of Kadapa district. The village has the distinction of being the birthplace of Saint Annamacharya the famous lyricist/composer of devotional songs on Lord Venkateswara who made invaluable contribution to music and literature during the 15th century. Several temples are there in Tallapaka. Dhyana Mandiram was constructed in memory great Saint Tallapaka Annamacharya, at Tallapaka.[6]

Yellala Sanjeevaraya Swamy Temple
Yellala Sanjeevaraya Swamy Temple Currently known as Vellala. This is the place near to proddatur around 20 km from there and other way is from Chagalamarri,Karnool District one can reach same distance. Sanjeevaraya Swamy called Anjaneya or Hanuman. Its is one of the well developed and famous temple in Kadapa District.

St. Mary's Cathedral
St. Mary's Cathedral, Mariapuram St. Mary's Cathedral (built in 1934 and set in Gothic style) in Kadapa is the seat of the Bishop of Cuddapah. The present Bishop of Kadapa is the Most Reverend Dr. G. Prasad.

A place very close to Kadapa, where there are few temples that attract tourists. The largest and the best known of them is the Chennakesava Temple, which has a lofty gopuram, sculptures depicting scenes from the epics, floral motifs and elaborately engraved pillars.

The sculptured mandapam with 32 pillars, the inner chamber and the sanctum make it a most impressive temple.

This is one of the famous temple in Kadapa which is 7 km from vempalli in pulivendula taluka. Here Sri Anjaneya swamy statue was established long back. People believe that Anjaneya swamy statue is made with god rama's arrow by himself on his way back to ayodhya(rama's kingdom). There is a belief that only holy people can see the golden welcome rope between two hills in Gandi.kkk

Reaching Kadapa

Kadapa has a railway station on the Chennai-Tirupati-Pune-Mumbai line. The nearest airports are at Renigunta ,(alamkhan palli)and Chennai.

As a district headquarters, Kadapa is well connected by road to the rest of the state and beyond. The state transport corporation and private operators run buses to all the important tourist places in the town.