City : Cuttack
Location : Eastern Coast Of India
Language : Oriya

Know About Cuttack

Cuttack is one of the oldest cities in India which is the capital state of Orissa. Earlier Cuttack was called as Abhinaba Baranasi Kataka! With the magnificent status in the commercial trace and rich land, Cuttack has owned a very good reputation and recognition in Orissa state. The city covers an area of around 3932 square kilometer and Cuttack is the administrative headquarter of the territory. The town is located at the peak of the delta constituted by the river Mahanadi to its north and Kathajodi to its south. Cuttack is an excellent and outstanding tourism spot as it holds quite several impressive attractions to visit. Tourist can spend a relaxing time in Cuttack and make their trip the most memorable one!

Cuttack got marked improvement with the system of education once after the occupation of the British. The long-standing historical significance and the modern development of the town, has turned the city as the best-loved tourism spot. People visiting to Cuttack can purchase plenty of Orissan’s handicraft goods. Most of the items will be kept for sale on the roadsides and streets of the town.



Early history of Cuttack is associated with the Keshari dynasty. As stated by the distinguished historian A. Stirling, present-day Cuttack was established as a military cantonment by king Nrupa Keshari of Keshari dynasty in 989 A.D. Stirling based his opinion on Madalapanji, a chronicle of lord Jagannath temple of Puri. The reign of Markata Keshari was distinguished for the stone embank built to protect the new capital from flood in 1002 A.D.

Pithapur, CuttackHistorical evidence suggests Cuttack becoming capital of a Kingdom founded by Anangabhimadeva of Ganga dynasty in 1211 A.D. After the end of Ganga rule, Orissa passed to the hands of the Gajapati Kings (1435-1541 A.D.) of Solar dynasty under whom Cuttack continued to be the capital of Orissa. After the death of Mukunda deva, the last Hindu king of Orissa, Cuttack first came under Muslim rules and later under Mughals.

By 1750, Cuttack came under Maratha rules and it grew fast as a business center being the convenient point of contact between the Marathas of Nagpur and the English Merchants of Bengal. It was occupied by the British in 1803 and later became the capital of Orissa division in 1816. From 1948 onwards, when the capital was shifted to Bhubaneswar, the city remained the administrative headquarters of Orissa.



Kathjodi RiverCuttack is located at 20.5° N 85.83° E. It has an average elevation of 37 metres (121 feet). Cuttack is located at the apex of delta formed by the rivers Mahanadi in the north and Kathajodi in the south. The city experiences a hot and humid climate in Summer, characterized by temperature going up as high as above 40 °C and a dry and cold climate in Winter, with mercury dipping to as low as below 10 °C. Summer starts at the end of March, the effect of which is felt till the middle of June when monsoon sets in. Monsoon rains lash the city during September to middle of October and supply most of the city's annual average rainfall of 144.39 cm...

Winter season, between November and beginning of January is characterized by wind chill from north and long nights when sun sets in around 5:30 p.m. IST in December. Winter is not so harsh here.

Between middle of January to the middle of March, the climate is pleasant with temperatures ranging a minimum of 22.2 °C and a maximum of 33.4 °C, which is ideal to visit the city.



Barabati Fort
The Barabati fort is located just 8 kilometers away from the central town of Cuttack. This place is the most striking spot that is being visited by all the tourists. The fort, with its moat and wide engraved gates and the earthen mound is the unique significance of the place, as it entails the splendiferous preceding of Ganga dynasty. This fort is well-renowned and popularly known for its impressing attractiveness. This fort is located in the banks of the river Mahanadi and it exists in the western side of the city. Also, this far-famed fort functions serves a locus of sports opens and cultural events.

Bhitarkanika Wildlife Sanctuary
Bhitarakanika is a living locale for quite number of living wild organisms such as Pythons, Crocodiles, Rhesus Monkey, Wild Pigs, Sambars, Spotted Deer, King Cobra, and many more. People visiting the sanctuary can see the Crocodile Breeding Farm at Dangmal. The major striking and spotlighting factor of this wildlife sanctuary is that it holds the White Crocodile Sankhua, which is a scarce type of species in the World. Among the 72 species of Mangroves found around the world, Bhitarakanika holds around 63 species. Rhizophora, Exocaeria, Soneratia, Avicinia, Phoenix and Heriteria are some of the unique species that has to be mentioned. Tourists can enjoy seeing these unique species.

Cuttack Chandi Temple
One of the most spotlighting destinations that have to be visited is the Cuttack Chandi Temple! The temple is just 5 kilometers away from the town. The temple is dedicated to the deity god Chandi, and it is situated in the south region of Barabati area. This far-famed temple is being visited by quite number of devotees and followers everyday. Another pointing factor of this temple is that, the deity in the shrine is much older than the temple. The Cuttack Chandi temple grabs the attraction of every people all around the world. This monumental temple brooks the architectural quality with its magnificent carven interiors and entryways.

People visiting to Cuttack will never fail and miss to visit Dhabaleshwar! This is the very popular temple, which is being visited by most number of Lord Shiva worshipers. Dhabaleshwar is the most significant of the white Shiva temple located in the small islands on the Mahanadi River. This temple is located some 35 kilometers away from the town of Cuttack, Orissa. Moreover, people visiting this temple can find the sculptures of the long 10th and 11th century. Also, this temple has quite interesting stories and people will find it very curious to know those interesting secrets. It is believed that the Siva Lingam in this temple was basseted by its own.

Taking a leisure travel to Quadam-i-Rasool, will make your time to spend more relaxing! This sacred shrine is some way unique and special, because they are worshiped by both Hindus and Muslims. This shrine has a compound wall and towers at every corner. Inward in the shrine, you can find three mosques that have attractive domes and a Nawabat Khana – a music gallery. Tourists visiting the place can have great pleasure and spend a relaxing time along with their near and dears. Moreover, the primal mosque holds a stone along with the footmarks of Prophet Mohammed. Never miss enjoy the attractive beauty of the place.

Singanatha Temple
The Singanatha temple is one of the inspiring attractions of Cuttack. This temple is situated in the rocky island on the Mahanadi Rivers. This temple is merely very simple to travel as the destination could be quickly reached from the Gopinathpur village situated in the Cuttack district. This Singanatha temple is one of the oldest and long standing temples in Orissa. This long familiar is known for its artwork and architectural qualities, where people can see the pleasurable breathe-taking workouts. This architectural work will resemble the early group of temples. People can take a pilgrimage visit to the artistic work of the place.

Stone Revetment
Stone Revetment is the well established indication to explicate the technological qualities and capabilities of the very old Oriyans. The stone revetment was built during the 11th century and protects the riversides of Cuttack still does its effective function. The stone revetment was established by the Keshari kings. Moreover, this attraction is popularly known for its engineering wonder, and this is the major striking reason that pulls the attraction of quite number of tourists all around the world. This fantastic architectural workout must never be missed to visit! If you are planning your trip to take a trip to Cuttack, never miss to make your visit to the architectural stone revetment.


Goddess Chandi
Goddess MangalaOrissa has several festivals. All those festivals are celebrated in a grand way at Cuttack. But the Unique festivals of Cuttack are Dusshera and Baliyatra. Dusshera is the festival of goddess Durga. It is celebrated with much fanfare throughout the city. Cuttack is famous for its chandi medha, which are basically silver filigree works. Huge amount of gold and silver is used in the construction of these medhas. Baliyatra is the festival of remembering the ancient tradition of trade between Orissa and Java, Bali and Sumatra. It is held every year in the month of November. Among other celebrations the Kite flying festival is very much attractive. It is held in the month of January.


Orissa's largest Shopping Mall-Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Arcade is also located at Old Jail Road, Cuttack.

Many other malls and leading retail chains like Salasar,Vishal Mega Mart,Bazaar Kolkata,Food Bazaar,Pantaloons Big Bazaar,Mall a Mall,The Mobile Store,Reliance Fresh,Subhiksha etc have made their way into this millennium city and cultural capital of the state.


It lies on the national highway no. 5, connecting Kolkata and Chennai. Well connected by rail, it is an important hub for most trains. The nearest airport is Biju Patnaik Airport, which is 28 km away. It also has the largest bus terminus of the state.

It is noted for having been the birthplace of the prominent Indian statesman, independence leader and freedom-fighter Subhash Chandra Bose. Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose studied in an Anglo school till standard 6 which is now known as Stewart School and then shifted to Ravenshaw Collegiate school of Cuttack.

A defence airport is also present at charbatia area of Cuttack district.