City : Dabra
Location : Central India
Language : Hindi

Know About Dabra

Dabra is a town and a municipality in Gwalior district in the state of Madhya Pradesh, India located near NH-75 national highway.

It was also known as Padmapawaya in ancient times. Great poet Bhavabhuti had received his education at Dabra (ancient time Padmapawaya). Dabra has a sugar producing factory and is almost equidistant from New Delhi and Bhopal. It is connected to New Delhi, Mumbai, Bhopal, Agra, Mathura, Varanasi, Kanpur, Lucknow, Haridwar, Chhapra and Bhubaneshwar through rail network. Gwalior and Jhansi are the two big cities located 42 Kms and 52 kms away from Dabra respectively. It is the biggest municipality in Madhya Pradesh as of now and naturally very beautiful. Sind river is just 5 Kms away from Dabra. Sonagir, a famous jain pilgrimage is located just 15 Kms from Dabra. Datia, another famous tourist place is 30 Kms away from Dabra. Other famous sites are Bamrouli Hanuman Temple (5 Kms from Dabra towards Jhansi), Jaurasi Hanuman Temple (25 Kms from Dabra towards Gwalior), Dhumeshwar Mahadev Temple (30 Kms from Dabra towards Narwar), tomb of peer baba at Sandalpur near Aantri village (30 Kms from Dabra towards Gwalior), Van Khandeshwar Mahadev Temple (2 Kms from Dabra towards Gwalior), Kale Baba Temple, Gayatri Temple and Thakur Baba Temple. Thakur Baba temple fair is held every year and is very famous locally.

In fun, natives of Dabra use to rank its top SIX qualities in their own ways based on the easy availability of those ones, which are "Dhaan (Rice grain with chaff), Dhool (Dust), Dhoka (Betrayal), Suar (Pig), Machhar (Mosquito) and Neta (Politician)".


Dabra is located at 25.9° N 78.33° E. It has an average elevation of 201 metres (659 feet).