City : Daman
Location : Western Cost of India
Language : Hindi

Know About Daman

Daman is a city and a municipal council in Daman district in the union territory of Daman & Diu, India. Although there is no public airport in the area, the Indian Coast Guard operates the small Daman Airport which is sometimes used by public companies (mostly state run airlines operate some aircraft from there).

Daman is divided by the Daman Ganga River into two parts namely Nanidaman (Nani meaning "small") and Motidaman (Moti meaning "big"). Ironically, Nanidaman is the larger of the two towns. It is the downtown area containing most of the important entities like the major hospitals, supermarkets, major residential areas etc. While Motidaman is mainly the old city inhabited mostly by the fishing communities and government officers (most of the public offices are located there). Both Nanidaman and Motidaman are connected to each other by two bridges (one for light vehicles like two-wheelers and the other for heavy vehicles like trucks, cars etc). The smaller bridge collapsed in August, 2004 killing 28 school children. It was replaced but that bridge also collapsed. Since then it has not been rebuilt. Small boats ferry people from one side to the other several times a day for INR2.


Daman is located at [show location on an interactive map] 20.42° N 72.85° E[1]. It has an average elevation of 5 metres (16 ft).


Daman villages

There are many small villages around Daman. Some of them are Benslore, Kunta, Varkund, Khariwar, etc. These villages mainly act as residential areas for lower-middle class families. These villages are situated around 2-3km from each other and Daman.



Daman is a popular tourist destination. This is mainly due to its relatively untouched beaches and freedom to drink liquor, which is prohibited in the neighboring state of Gujarat. It mainly attracts tourists from neighboring areas like Vapi, Valsad etc. Nowadays even some foreigners can be seen on its beaches.