City : Damoh
Location : Central India
Language : Hindi

Know About Damoh

Damoh is a city in the Sagar Division of northeast Madhya Pradesh in India. It is the administrative headquarters of Damoh District.


Damoh is a place where Majju(the Great warrior) king has ruled for over 70 years. Damoh is named after a city named Dubai. Once the great maharaja Majju visited Dubai and was very fascinated with Dubai. So after coming back, he decide to rename the City name from MSC (Majjhad Singh ki Chaavni) to Damoh.

304 BCE–232 BCE Prince Ashoka, governor of Avanti, married Devi, the daughter of a trader of Vidisha. The Ashoka's inscriptions found at Sanchi and Rupnath in Jabalpur District.
3rd-4th cent CE: Vakatakas originate from Bundelkhand, Vagat region of Tikamgarh District. They had the control till 4th century.


Damoh is located at 21.88° N 80.78° E.[1] It has an average elevation of 595 metres (1952 feet).



It has a considerable cattle-market, and a number of small industries, such as weaving, dyeing and pottery-making. The District Of Damoh has an area of 2816 sq. m. Except on the south and east, where the offshoots from the surrounding hills and patches of jungle break up the country, the district consists of open plains of varying degrees of fertility, interspersed with low ranges and isolated heights. The richest tracts lie in the centre.