City : Dehradun
Location : North India
Language : Hindi

Know About Dehradun

One among the oldest cities of India, Dehradun houses all that is elegant and bright in the nature. A historic town in the lap of the majestic Himalayas, this pretty town is now the capital of the newly formed State of Uttaranchal. A sprawling city, which is speckled with picturesque places, allures scores of picnickers. These places encompass rambling gardens, parks, well-regarded temples and verdant landscapes.

An important province under the former Garhwal rulers, this hilly terrain is also renowned as the abode of Drona, the mighty guru of the Kauravas. The city boasts of numerous legends about it and most of them are related to the Great Epic Mahabharatha.

Dehradun presents a city with excellent credentials in the field of knowledge and information. Its renowned academic institutions received worldwide accolades and some of them are in exist from the time of the British Rule. This classy city with an array of good quality boarding schools, the town presents a bustling appearance.



Astley Hall
An abundant reservoir of shopping centres, Dehradun offers a plenty of opportunities to shopping buffs, which makes shopping an enjoyable experience. With high quality shops and good restaurants, Astley Hall on Rajput road is the most desired shopping complex of Derhadun.

Chetwoode Hall
The name Dehradun reminds one of the celebrated institution of the Indian army - the Indian Military Academy. A renowned institution, which gains credentials from world wide, Indian Military Academy boasts of the rich tradition of the vast force of India.

Clock Tower
One among the most significant structures in the city, Clock Tower in Dehradun is renowned for its aesthetic beauty. An exceptional formation, this tower is one of its own kind in entire Asia itself. Constructed before independence, this six-faced tower might have adorned a prestigious position in the history of this hilly region.

Forest Research Institute
Established in the year 1906, Forest Research Institute in Dehradun, is focusing on research and other activities connected with forests.

Apart from its educational significance, this institution houses an exceptional structural beauty. The Forest Research Institute is stretch over a vast expansion of 4.5 square kilometer of lustrous greenery and it shows an imposing structure with Colonial and Greco-Roman styles of architecture.

Jaspal Rana Shooting Ranges
One among illustrious sports person of modern India, Jaspal Rana is a familiar figure to all Indians. This institute is started in 2002 to commemorate the victory of this one time world shooting champion. The main objective of this institute is to provide all the modern facilities to those students who are interested in the challenging game of shooting.

A pictorial spot situated in the suburbs of the city, Lachhiwala is a much-desired destination in Dehradun. Easy accessibility and moderate accommodation facilities make this pictorial spot a favourite place among the tourists. A picturesque spot where one can enjoy a serene and tranquil atmosphere, Lachhiwala is such a location whose unspoiled beauty would mesmerize the visitor.

Mall Road
Though Dehradun does not offer the modern culture of shopping malls, it offers wonderful time of shopping with its tremendous set of bazaars and small shops. Shopping is the most enjoyable bustle without which a tour package would be quite incomplete. To shop in Dehradun means to wander across the city and one would get good quality articles at a moderate price.

Malsi Deer Park
A mini zoological park placed at the base of the majestic Shivalik Range, Malsi Deer Park in Dehradun is one among the fast emerging tourist attractions in the hill station. Situated in the near vicinity of the city, this park also houses a children’s park bounded by verdant greenery. This would provide great fun to the children apart from seeing the wild animals in the Park.

Mindrolling Monastery
Mindrolling, which means "Place of Perfect Emancipation" in Tibetan language, is a renowned monastery of the Nyingma sect. Rigzin Tendak Lingpa established it in 1676. This monastery witnessed numerous attacks and natural calamities and its present structure is the contribution of Khochhen Rinpoche. Mindrolling Monastery is one of the largest Buddhist Viharas in India, which exhibits architectural marvel.

Paltan Bazaar
A shopper’s delight, Dehradun displays it’s celebrated past in its artifacts. The glorious culture and tradition of this hilly terrain is very well imprinted on its shopping articles. The rich fragrance of the Doon Basmati rice and the gorgeousness of woolen garments present a wonderful ambiance of shopping in the Paltan Bazaar.

Ram Rai Gurudwara
Ram Rai, the 7th Sikh Guru, established the famous Ram Rai Gurudwara in the early 17th century in Dehradun. Ram Rai Gurudwara is one of the oldest Gurudwaras in this hill station that has gained the accolades as a popular pilgrimage centre.

Built with the patronage of the then ruler of Dehradun, Ram Rai Gurudwara boasts of a legend behind the construction of it. It says that Guru Ram Rai was thrown away from his native place, settled down at the valley and constructed this shrine

Robber's Cave
A magnificient spot that lies at the suburban areas of Dehradun, Robber's Cave is a best loved tourist location. Popularly called as Guchhipani or Guchu Pani it is a perfect destination to spend the holiday in a pristine atmosphere.

Thousand fold spring' is the literal meaning of the term Sahastradhara. It is a lovely waterfall, with a depth of 9 meters. What makes the torrent so popular is its therapeutic value since its water contains Sulphur. Besides its medicinal merits, the stream presents a pictorial environ where one can spent hours in the calmness of silence. The Baldi River and the caves exaggerate the aesthetic beauty of the site.

Sai Darbar Temple
A crown in the secular fabric of the Indian society, the Sai Darbar temple in Dehradun presents the secular feeling in its zenith. A unique shrine, which accepts all people irrespective of their caste and creed, this pretty abode of almighty can be described as the celebration of humanity. Sai Darbar Temple is a famous pilgrimage centre in the hill resort.

Tapkeshwar Temple
The holy abode of Lord Shiva, The Tapkeshwar is a famous cave temple in Dehradun. Placed in the banks of a rivulet, this temple turned out to be one among the busiest pilgrim centers in the hilly resort.

Ascenic place on the banks of the sacred Ganges, Tapovan holds a significant impact in the religious spectrum of Dehradun. The popular belief is that this is the place, where Dronachrya had undergone his penance. Now, this place is full of Sadhus and sages who believes that atonements and penance are the only way to appease the almighty.

The Museum
A unique Museum dedicated to collect and study of various subjects in relation to the origin, development and sustenance of the mankind on earth. The Museum, which is renowned as the Zonal Museum, is situated on Hardwar Road in Dehradun. It started its functioning in the year 1971.

Tiger View Jungle Camp
Situated in the remote village Goolar Khalla, Tiger View Jungle camp offers the unusual opportunity of seeing the giant of the jungle in its natural habitat. The most endangered species, the Indian Tiger is conserved here in its natural environs and spotting a tiger in the thick jungles is a wonderful experience.

Exploring the mystifying nadirs of the Doon valley is a fascinating attraction for the adventure lovers of all the time. Beauty in the midst of wilderness is not only attractive but also tempting. The lustrous valleys, lofty mountain ranges, richness of fauna and profound defiles presents a wide range of possibilities in adventurous tourism.

Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology
A renowned institution of research in Himalayan Geology, the Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology at Dehradun has been acknowledged as a National Laboratory of global status with outstanding facilities. Functioning as an autonomous body, this celebrated institute is named after its founding father, Sri D N Wadia, a well known figure in the field of geological research.

Besides aiding the research scholars, this institute also controls some of the research stations in the isolated Himalayan regions. The library of the Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology holds more than 20,000 books along with journals and monographs.